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नयाँ नेपाल। Digital नेपाल।

आफ्नो व्यवसायको फेसबूकमा बिज्ञापन गरी, आफुले छानेको ग्राहकलाई मात्र बिज्ञापन देखाउनुहोस्। हामी सहयोग गर्छौ।

A Transformation Agency!

As the world changes, brands need to change to be in sync. Advertise your brand story on Facebook with us! Feel free to call us at 01-4533217.

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With our best team member and service we have satisfied over 200 + clients. Feel free to make a query about us.


Pay per click: Have you ever noticed those sponsored ads that pop up every time you search


SMP provides creative Facebook advertising solution to help brands penetrate into newer markets. Our marketing philosophy creates


SMP helps you with the service of Search Engine Optimization ( S.E.O) for inbound marketing and ensures


SMP boasts a team of creative writers and designers that can cater to your business needs as


Social media campaigns are an integrated process of driving your marketing efforts using social media platforms. With


SMP has creative as well as technical expertise to design your website integrated with our entire digital

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Our Expert Team

At SMP, we believe that social media is the easiest & fastest way to promote your business across the world. That’s why we spend an inordinate amount of brainpower to develop a perfect marketing strategy to market your products and services. At the end of the day, we’re all about helping businesses channel the information about their products & services all over the world.

Prasit Nepal

Managing Director

Ashish Bhandari

Executive Director

Pran Nepal

Finance Director

Atish Bhandari

Head of Business Development

Vivek Timalsina

HR & Finance Manager

Ishan Piya

Client Success Officer

Anu Shah

Client Service Executive

Nayan Shakya

Client Service Executive

Bishwajit Acharya

Senior Graphic Designer

Roshan Shrestha

Graphic Designer

Khemanand Bhatt

Graphic Designer

Bishwa Baraili

Motion Graphics Designer

Akanchhya Baniya

Content Writer

Jessica Shrestha

Content Writer

Nirajan Timilsina

Office Administrator

Know About SMP

SMP Pvt. Ltd is a Digital Marketing Agency which has been operating in Nepal for the past eleven years. At the heart of our service lies promoting brands primarily through the use of social media. Facebook has remained as our prime tool for creating brand awareness and engagement among users.

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Advertisement campaign

Automate and optimize your Social Media Marketing at higher scale.

Content Management

Explore the creativity of our copywriter.

Website Development

Reinforce your corporate identity online through your website.

Questions Answers

Several options can be used to promote your company on Facebook page:

i. Page promotion: Create a Timeline cover for your Facebook page. Include all the important details that you want your audiences to know in a single photo. Make it very specific and include all ‘need-to-know’ details, that you want your audience to know about your company (either product or service based).

ii. Lead generation advertisement: As the name suggests, lead generation ad is created to generate leads. This kind of ads is done to create Facebook user database.

You may see Facebook posts with ‘get and learn more’ option. As audience clicks on this option, audience’s data is filled automatically. This generates individual consumer databases (which is one of the analytics report). Thus, it helps company remain in contact with consumer and help in follow-up services.

Heated competition and intensive development of modern technologies have resulted to the growth of digital marketing. Small, medium and large scale business houses and industries are doing as much to keep up with the changing environment. Companies are changing themselves to cope up with fierce competition by either turning themselves into online stores or building digital marketing strategies around their existing strategies. Reaching out to tons of audiences and increasing website or page traffic is of no use if you do not get desired sales or leads. So, this is how digital marketing helps you:

i. You have ambiguous goal: Companies without digital marketing strategies don’t have clear goals as of which customer to target, how to reach them and with whom to establish deeper relationship.

ii. To get ahead of competition: Digital Marketing is the best way to outmaneuver the competition. The use of optimization options and social media.

iii. Cost-effective than digital marketing: The use of digital analytical techniques delivers the desired result that the company is seeking than through the use of traditional marketing. Analytical results can easily pull to test ad campaigns, and find out what is being read, looked through and pulled out.

iv. Reach mobile users: The search engine optimization (SEO) options can be worked out to reach desired ads to prospective audiences swiftly and easily while they search any relevant keywords in any of the search engines.

v. Monitor the brand and develop trust: The major benefit of digital marketing is that it can reach and monitor its audiences.

It can address any negative rumors about the company and manage unsatisfied customers efficiently. Digital Marketing helps company’s follow its customers on social media by interacting with them, commenting and showing them that the company takes good care of its customers.

Increasing number of mobile users and to be very specific, the use of social media has transformed the way any business is done. Companies create their Facebook page to reach the target audience and sell their product and services accordingly.

What if you don’t have Facebook page?

Don’t panic! Start by creating Facebook page.

Specify your business category i.e. whether it is product or service based. Create and place your company logo in the page so it is easier for audiences to recognize you. Pin company’s location, describe your company on “About Us” section. Specify where customers can contact for any queries and fill us small need to know details of the company.

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