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Let’s Introduce About Us

Who We Are

A Full-fledged Digital Marketing Agency!

SMP Pvt. Ltd is a Digital Marketing Agency which has been operating in Nepal for the past eight years. At the heart of our service lies promoting brands primarily through the use of social media. Facebook has remained as our prime tool for creating brand awareness and engagement among users. We also provide social media marketing services on platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc. We have been working side-by-side with the sought after clients in various sectors, ensuring the execution of the innovative campaign flawlessly.


Enrich the Digital Marketing experience for people, by providing cost effective and efficient advertising tools, techniques and therefore, results.


To be nationally recognized as the most-trusted, convenient and reliable Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal.

Our Expert Team

At SMP, we believe that social media is the easiest & fastest way to promote your business across the world. That’s why we spend an inordinate amount of brainpower to develop a perfect marketing strategy to market your products and services. At the end of the day, we’re all about helping businesses channel the information about their products & services all over the world.

Prasit Nepal

Managing Director

Ashish Bhandari

Executive Director

Pran Nepal

Finance Director

Atish Bhandari

Head of Business Development

Vivek Timalsina

Finance Manager

Sahara Shrestha

Digital Marketing Manager

Alisha Sharma Chaudhary

Operation Assistant

Bishwajit Acharya

Senior Graphic Designer

Keshab Narayan Thakur

Graphic Designer

Rikesh Maharjan

Web Developer

Ojaswi Niraula

Content Writer

Ayush Dahal

Content Writer

Pukar Niraula

Analyst-Affiliate Marketing

Anu Shah

Front Desk Officer

Abinesh Sapkota

Office Administrator

Ankit Singh

Associate Photographer