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Digital Marketing for Hotels

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Digital Marketing for Hotels

“Travelling” as exciting as it sounds can be quite intimidating on itself and in addition to that if we are travelling solo we could have a complete meltdown but if this whole experience is recorded in the digital platform then it would be a little less nerve wrecking. Digital medium is the platform that will introduce our business into cyberspace. The services will be available to the customers at their own comfortable space and honestly speaking comfort comes above everything. Now in order to hit that specified group of people you can shed the light on the potential area.

No matter how good of an architecture you have, how good of a food you are serving but if you are not reaching the people, it makes no sense. Your business should impact the people in a way that it encourages them to try it. People nowadays are massively into the details of the stuff they spend in and how it stacks up against the competition. They are intrigued to know what they will experience if they choose to stay at your hotel. So you on a priority basis need to focus on this matter.

So where to start you ask?

Digital Marketing for Hotels can help your hotel, recapture some revenue lost to commissions. Look at what the customers are searching for, what you can offer that the other hotels cannot, that can be your main lead or your focal point. A hotel’s online presence will thus allow the travelers to save a lot of time in choosing the desired location of their visit. Online mediums can be used to create attractive contents (video and image). The more engagement we show on the platform, the more openness it produces. Openness creates trust and builds that amazing consumer bonding, Customers may forget what you said but will never forget how you made them feel. That is why we have listed the things we found were the most important trends for Digital Marketing in Hotel Industry.

Being Active on Social Media

Let me start off by the world is online, People check their phones every 10 minutes to the minimum, so if you could engage them in your work for at least 4 secs a day even though it’s obnoxious, you can build engagement with the existing and likely guests, create brand awareness and that will let you target your audience.

Social Media has many platforms and the competition is really fierce, so we always need to be a step ahead from all the clatter and create a fresh/unique content to hit the right kind of audience. Monitoring and Responding is another way of engaging people on social media.

Creating more content

Content is the building block of every business. This is the creation of blogs, videos that do not indicatively endorse the brand but help in the engagement of the consumers. Content gives a brief description of the services you have to offer in a very subtle way. Since you are into hotel business you have a lot to offer form rooms to food, architecture, now it’s the content writer who has to work on the areas to woo the consumers.

A theatrical video

When it comes to advertising the hotel, customers want to see what you can offer them. Pictures is an effective way of letting them know but a video can do much more than that, an experience on itself. You can include the best feature of your service which if is entertaining shall increase a lot of shares. On watching the visual representation customers will gain more confidence on booking at your hotel.

Have a responsive website

When we think of marketing, we look up at places people are most active and what better place than a mobile phone. You need to make the website user friendly making it easier to pop it at any place, any time. Talking about hotel you can build a way, it is easier for people to search for hotels and book their stays online. No matter what device one is using, the site should be accessible, not just that, the websites should be accessible but the quality of the site should remain the same.

Digital Marketing may sound all high tech but in reality is a simplified way of doing Marketing and has helped the business grow into a place in an extraordinary manner. Being a Digital Marketers ourselves here at SMP, we are trying to give you a good insight on this matter. We hope this article gives you more knowledge on the current marketing trends for the Hotel Industry.

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