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Digital Marketing For Travels and Tours

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Digital Marketing For Travels and Tours

Are you ready for 2020 yet?

From a customer’s perspective, if I were to solo travel to ‘say’ Singapore, my first step would be a hardcore research on learning about the safety, things to go in Singapore, places to visit, the conveyance, cost of flight tickets and of course the hotel fares. Packed with excitement of traveling, and stress of handling everything on your myself, it would be a thrust of relief if I had digital ads displayed for reference. It would be an easy pick for me to analyze the package; readymade or customized if I may, and estimate my costs! Here’s a catch, what if the same thought rolls through minds of zillion other foreign travelers planning their visit to Nepal?

If you ever thought, updating your travel agency on Trip Advisor, Booking.com, Hotels.com, Agoda would give you sufficient tourist flow, it’s time for you to sit back and rethink. As of 2019, the trends in digital marketing have taken widest leap beyond just Facebook postings and Instagram stories. It is merely just about reaching to wider people, but about reaching to the right people and increasing the conversion rates.

There are numerous platforms from which you can witness the travel game change for 2020! For instance:

1. Leverage on Social Media Marketing by targeting travel enthusiasts:

Travel Agencies in Nepal do not just invite foreign nationals but also widespread their services to boost send Nepalese to witness and enjoy the foreign vacations. To reach massively to the Nepalese population, social media plays a vital role. According to the data from InternetWorldStats, there are over 16 million internet users in Nepal as of June 2019, out of which over 8 million are active Facebook users. Another report from Data Reportal, shows the influence of Ads on other digital media.
Instagram: 1.30 million users
Twitter: 203.5 thousand

While advertising, there are numerous ways where you can segregate your Target Market. This way you can “just” show your adverts to who you want to see. The right Audience.
The segregation options are:

Budget: Advertising in Facebook requires Dollar payments. First and foremost, it is the quality of your content that catches the attention. Killer the content, more the reach. Boosting is like Icing the cake. It helps you reach a wider audience. Now! If you think, you have to be spending more to reach more audience, the perceived idea is partially true. If you have a catchy content, people viewing and converting will organically spread through likes, shares and comments. If not, spending is your shield!

Age: You can define the age group of the audience who you think will be more impacted. For example, if you are selling travel packages, you could target the 22+ age group, considering the rise of Solo Travelling in today’s time.

Location: if you think your Target Group is more centered to Kathmandu, Pokhara, Bhairahawa, BINGO! Throw your ads to just that location. Facebook tracks the profile information of those people and shows your packages to only them. To add to it, you can also choose which part of the city your TG lies. For example, people in Baluwatar, Budhanilkantha, Satdobato. Only people from those areas are now your audiences.

Gender: The title itself makes it more obvious. Choose the gender you’d like the advert to be seen and let it go viral.

Interest: Another unique feature while advertising your product or service can be targeted a bull’s eye through the feature “Interest”. Here you can rightly reach the Travel enthusiasts. For example: I am someone who likes travel pages more often. I have updated my profile with “Travelling, tours, vacations” etc in the “Interest” section of Facebook, you got me! You can rightly target me and show me the ad. This option could be more beneficial in Travel and Tours because following the trends, there are an increasing number of travel enthusiasts hunting the travel destinations and details every second.

2. Better exposure on the Search Engines.

Another top-notch method to be widely visible to the world could be through Search Engine Optimization. It is budget friendly approach that helps you to promote your business and increase traffic on your website organically. Search Engine Optimization, though may not have quick result, but boosts the Search to great extent. It helps bring your business on the top search given that your site, blogs and contents are organic and reliable. Push your SEO, on different Search Engines and pull the audience to your website. This could as well go side to side with Facebook and Instagram adverts given that you have a website. More updated the content, the more likely it is for people to catch interest on the content and drive to your website for details.

3. Advertisement through Ad Network

This ad method directly links to the first paragraph of the blog. Advertisement through Google Ad Network could be a game changing technique to push the required target markets directly i.e to show your advertisement directly to the fellow travelers and influence them to visit Nepal with your package. The basic idea of google Ad network is to increase Ad Visibility to the High-Quality Audience, and influence them to purchase your services. SEO and google ads are both Search Engine Marketing but with Google Ad Network, one can focus on multiple keywords at once, get immediate visibility as ads appear on top of page, increase brand awareness via Gmail marketing, etc. Imagine the number of reaches, visibility and conversions your travel company might have, given that this method is applied.

At SMP, we believe and are determined to contribute with all our above-mentioned services to help the Service Industry reach their VISIT NEPAL 2020 Goals. Our 7 years of services have enabled us to change the digital marketing scenario in Nepal. With our experience and further research on new insights in social media, we are confident to carry out VISIT NEPAL 2020 and guide you in the best possible way.

To know the insights on the perks of digital marketing for Travel Industry, contact 01-4433217 OR 01-4418906 OR you can also email us at company@smp.com.np

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