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Is Social Media really worth it?

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Is Social Media really worth it?

It has simply become impossible to spend an entire day without hearing somebody harp about social media. Social media is interwoven in our daily life for both business and pleasure. The ability to write something hurtful without seeing the other person’s reaction means that social media can very quickly become a hostile place. Through liking, sharing and recommending, social media sites have turned out to be a basic path for many of us to make consumer decisions. Also with the help of social media your brand image can be seen in more places, which is always a benefit.

With social media, build your relationships with your existing clients, build more awareness of who you are and the services you offer in your ranch areas and get in front of your channel customers on a daily or weekly basis. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram makes it easy to search for consumers’ impressions on products and services. Social medias also act as a customer service and support network by providing product update and news and even to respond in customer’s issues. Companies can also post questions or surveys on their social media pages to see how their online consumers feel about certain products/services.

Likewise, Social media helps also with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is significant for business to sell product and services from their own websites. SEO is a key to keep relentless progression of traffic to your website that can prompt more conversions (sales). Specifically, websites can understand higher placements in search engine results pages when the site has recommendations from the user’s social media friends.

Hence, when social medias are used sensibly it helps in maintaining an active presence with a clear goal in mind. If you are not using social media you are basically letting your business go behind, and possibly lose existing customers to your social competition.

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SMP Pvt. Ltd is a Digital Marketing Agency which has been operating in Nepal for the past nine years. At the heart of our service lies promoting brands primarily through the use of social media. Facebook has remained as our prime tool for creating brand awareness and engagement among users. We also provide social media marketing services on platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc. We have been working side-by-side with the sought after clients in various sectors, ensuring the execution of the innovative campaign flawlessly.

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