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SMP boasts a team of creative writers and designers that can cater to your business needs as well as assist you in upholding your brand in the digital world. Our Content Management service will make an enormous difference to your organization by bringing a cost effective method of growing organically and also rid you of the time consuming process that it is. We establish a very detailed process during our content management of which you will have complete knowledge every step of the way.


Why Content Management with SMP?

Page management: You can choose the level of authority that you want to allot us regarding your social media pages. This will allow you to focus on your core competencies while we resourcefully and diligently manage the overall publishing of content on your pages.


We shall not publish any content without your proper approval. We ensure your awareness  of the content being created along the process. Consequently, necessary alterations, smoothen the process in creating the final product.

Design and content:

The two independent bodies, design and content,  can be altered without affecting the other. Hence you have the freedom of insisting on changes that are applicable individually or to both the design and the content.

Brand consistency:

Our Design templates for your company will help bring consistency across all media and increase brand perception. Consequently this will also increase brand recognition for your organization; also, this will help your potential customers to easily navigate towards your landing pages or sites.

SMP focuses immensely in the creation of content that is unique and diverse. This will add great value to your company as well as to your customers in terms of information. You will also enjoy a service that will help you with content automation,  workflow and also better your process management.