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Search Engine Optimization


SMP helps you with the service of Search Engine Optimization ( S.E.O) for inbound marketing and ensures showcasing your product and services to your target audience. We keep optimizing your search engines by periodically measuring the key performance indicators and optimizing your business accordingly.

We constantly innovate and implement new ideas which boost the presence of your product and service online. This helps to capture huge masses of audience at the right time.

Alarming Statistics about Search Engine Optomization (S.E.O) you should not ignore.

93% of all the traffic generated are through Search Engines

60% of all Searches on a Search Engine end up clicking the top three results

Search Engines can generate 300% more traffic to your sites than social media.

The closing rate of traditional media advertisements which stands at 1.7%.  While SEO leads have a better closing rate at 14.6%.

75% of Search Engine users never make it past the first results page.

SEO combined with Pay-per-click advertisements produces an average of 25% more clicks and 27% more profits as compared to a single method.

Every day, about 87% of smartphone owners are using Search Engines at least once

Incorporating good SEO into your online landing pages and sites can reap countless benefits ranging from increased ROI to widespread brand awareness. Keywords associated with your brand, products or services will repeatedly appear in the topmost section of the search engines; and instill a level of trust among the users as well as gaining exposure.

With SMP’s expertise, your site will host better navigability for the users. This is a result of the refinement that requires to be enacted while enhancing a site’s SEO.

The ever growing phenomenon of digitization has created humongous opportunities for Search Engine friendly businesses sites. Consequently increasing their sustainability as well as skyrocketing their brand awareness.