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Social Media Campaign


Social media campaigns are an integrated process of driving your marketing efforts using social media platforms. With SMP’s strategized approach that is applied via various social media platforms, you can achieve your business goals. We implement very targeted measures that can be analyzed as well. Injecting our creative resources help us gain a competitive edge and allow you to increase traffic and consequently recognition.

How do we do it?

The process followed is fairly simple which facilitates communication and aligning it with the campagin objectives. Once you lay down a foundation of what it should achieve, our team pounces on it immediately.

At SMP, we start by generating innovative and trendy ideas that are relatable to your organization. This includes a campaign mnemonic, customer engagement processes and an overall analysis. We try to bring a dynamic approach to your campaigns by leveraging the power of social media.


Why should you do it?

With our ingenuity and competent resources, your social media campaigns can reap several benefits. Your objective for conducting it may be one but there are complementary advantages that occur simultaneously.


– Besides being a very cost-effective method of digital marketing, it can still ensure plenty of traffic and reach. Retaining customers can also be a profitable addition as a result of your campaigns.

– Engaging customers through such campaigns can bring a level of intimacy between the brand and their customers. Employing humor, messaging, empathy, etc. your brand can initiate interactions with customers that raises customer loyalty.

– The network of social medias are increasing at an exponential rate. This works great for your social media campaigns as it allows you to spread brand exposure and recognition to newer audiences.

All in all, SMP sees to it that your campaigns bring about sustainable reciprocation to your businesses. At a time where social media platforms have become hubs for customers, businesses need to capitalize with the right campaigns.

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