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How to sustain followers?

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How to sustain followers?

As we know Facebook is “The” place for branding product and services online. In top of that, Facebook itself has made a platform for advertisers to advertise their product and services online with their sponsored ad. But it’s not enough for your business just by paying Facebook money to place your advertisement, you will lose your follower base if you’re inconsistent with your post. You need chant a ‘Mantra’ and the ‘Holy Mantra for social media ad’ is “consistency, consistency and some more consistency”.

Here are some tips to be consistent.

Time your post consistently

Be it daily, weekly or fortnightly, make it a habit, and just be consistent. When you are not consistent with your post, your audience will be confused for when to stay tune for the post. Don’t post every day for a week and disappear for months.

You can use content calendar or social media scheduling tool like buffer or hoot suite to make sure you are consistent in advance. Or use content management service from social media promotions companies who will develop design and content for you then post it regularly.

Be consistent in content of your post.

Be consistent in your type of post, length of the post and vibe of the post. Don’t post about politics one day and party the other, some exception are entertained. Select a theme that you want your customer to perceive you as and stick to it. This will help you to integrate your message you want to give to your followers precisely and give a consistent vibe.

Use fresh image and content.

Try to incorporate images and videos to your post as they draw more attention than traditional text post. Gifs are great way to draw attention of your viewers. Use timely content, for example- post about recent festival in your own theme. And also use high quality images and grammatically correct texts which will make your post look and feel professional.

Boost some important post

Boosting post are very essential to gain new followers as well as engaging current followers.  Try to boost post that connects with people you are targeting. Try to tap them in their emotions with your creative post (videos and images). Emotional marketing are best ways to keep your brand in your followers mind.  Try to avoid promotional phrase like “buy now”, “shop now” etc.

Be interactive

Reply comments in a professional way but don’t just copy paste pre written replies, read through their comment and comment individually. Post interactive post like trivia post etc. Reply to message as soon as possible. You can always outsource this to web content management companies if you don’t have time.

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